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Alberta NP Consultants
Delivering quality care in the comfort of your home

About Alberta NP Consultants 

Alberta NP Consultants aims to provide in home health care to patients who are unable to access health care services due to immobility, disability, or acute/chronic disease. Our goal is to bring competent health care professionals to your doorstep with the sole purpose of addressing your medical needs. Imagine, no more struggling to get your loved ones to the doctor. No more waiting weeks to get an appointment. No more feeling frustrated at not having your issues addressed. We aim to offer not only quality but convenience to those who need it most. Alberta NP Consultants has come to the realization that some Albertans are experiencing significant difficulty with accessing health care services. Furthermore, these patients are not receiving the personalized care that they require in order to achieve their highest health potential. Our Nurse Practitioners (NP) will deliver this much needed care with the ultimate goal of not only meeting your expectations... but exceeding them! 

Our Nurse Practitioners are experienced NP's who have a broad scope of practice in the province of Alberta that enables them to provide the care you require. Our NP's are also registered in good standing with the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA). 

Contact us today to see if we can help address your health care needs!

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